Weekly club runs

Latest summary list of weekly club runs.  Evening rides are a fixed route – lights now required!.  Keep an eye on the Facebook group for ride updates.

Start Time | Info | Average Speed | Distance | Ride Type | Meeting Point

18:45 | Steady recovery ride | 18mph | 30 miles | Group Ride | Leek Wootten
19:00 | Steady – summer ride only | 21mph | 20 miles | Chaingang | Comptons Garage forecourt Cubbington
09:30* | Steady | 15/16mph | 50 miles | Group Ride with Cafe Stop | Castle Gates
18:45 | Varied | 22+mph | 30 miles | Chaingang**  | Comptons Garage forecourt Cubbington
09:30* | Steady | 15/16mph | 50 miles | Group Ride with Cafe Stop | Castle Gates
All from Warwick Castle Gates, all norm group rides
07:30 | Brisk  | 18/19mph | 35 miles | Cafe stop at end – optional further loop is added after cafe stop typically Monday route – you can join this from the cafe at 09:45-10am
09:00 | Steady | 50 miles | Cafe stop
All from Warwick Castle Gates, all norm group rides
08:30 | Hard | 18/19mph | 3 hours | Cafe stop at end
09:00 | Steady | 50/60 miles | Cafe stop
*Start times for these midweek rides may be modified to suit inclement weather – updates on Facebook Members Group
**During Winter this is a norm group ride and average speed drops to approx 18/19mph

Online membership now live


To make the process of joining and renewing easier for both members and the club, we have set up an online membership application, joining and renewal process.  This is hosted by British Cycling.  For further info, click on JOIN above.


Night Time Group Riding

Spring beckons but the grass isn’t yet ris and we’re still wondering where the birdies is, so we have a while to go before we can get rid of lights on evening rides.  Better late than never, here are a few pointers for night time group riding.

A key thing to be aware of is that group riding at night has different needs from riding on your own, so what works for you when pootling about after dark probably won’t be what’s needed for a group ride.  When you ride in a group you have to consider the needs and safety of the whole group, not just yourself.  With that in mind…


You should have a minimum of two front and two rear lights (better still 3/4/5…there’s no such thing as too many).  Why two?  At some point, on one of your many rides, one of your lights will exit stage left – the battery will unexpectedly die; you will hit a pot hole and smash it to bits; the light will fail for any one of a thousand reasons etc.  If you only have one light you now have no lights.  If you want to take that risk on your own that’s fine; in a group, no.

There’s no excuse for this – if you only have one light, go and buy another.

How bright: 

Rear lights don’t need to light up the moon.  If they are too bright they will blind the rider behind.    In a group, if your lights have a low-power mode, use it; otherwise angle them down so as not to blind.

Front lights do have to light up the moon.  You will be traveling at pace on dark roads so you need to be able to clearly see what’s ahead, and with enough time to react to danger.  When you are at the front you are the eyes of the group.  Commuter lights, even decent ones, are unlikely to be up to the job – as an example rule of thumb: if it’s by Cateye or Knog or attaches via a silicon strap or you got it at Aldi, it probably won’t be bright enough.  Expect to spend a few quid on these, but eBay can throw up some bargains.  Ask about for advice.  Good lights will last for years and you will be glad you spent the money.

A good article to get you started: http://road.cc/content/news/97193-big-roadcc-lights-test-2013


Reflective vests are good when on your own but not good in a group.  They reflect the light from the rider behind and blind them.  Take them off when you are in the group and put them back on when you are on your own.

Reflective wrist bands are good – the traffic can see when you are indicating to turn.  A dark arm doesn’t really show up.

The law:

It is legal to have a flashing light on a pedal cycle, provided it flashes between 60 and 240 times per minute.

Check out: http://www.ctc.org.uk/cyclists-library/regulations/lighting-regulations for a more in-depth write-up on cycle lighting and the law – you might be surprised at what is required to be legal.

Other thoughts:

Consider mixing different makes of lights.  Whatever causes one light to fail might do the same to both if they are the same make.

Night time riding can be fun and safe.  A group of riders is very visible.  Try sitting behind or in front of one and you will see what I mean.

Give it a go.  Night riding is very different and can give you a whole new perspective on familiar routes.  On the right night it can even be quite magical

Victoria Park Races 2014

The Club’s flagship event is on once again this year, courtesy of Chief (and most excellent) Organiser Steve Hesketh.

Hopefully, we will get two days of racing this year (one day snowed off in 2013) and the dates for your diaries (racers or helpers) are:

Saturday 29th March

Saturday 12th April

Details are now on the British Cycling website events calendar page, and you will see Steve has added a Women’s Only race in place of last year’s time trial. Hopefully this will attract more ladies to the events.

Keep your eyes on the Forum for more info as the dates draw near.

Club Annual General Meeting – 8th November

This is to announce that the Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 8th November at Hatton Park Village Hall. The Meeting will begin at 7.00pm and is expected to finish by 9.00pm.  Refreshments (tea and biscuits etc.) will be available.

If you wish to make any changes to the way your Club is managed you must put forward a written proposal to the Chairman (me) no later than two weeks before the meeting. The agenda will be circulated to all members one week before the meeting.

Details have been circulated to members by email – if any member has not received the Chairman’s email to that effect please get in touch as your email address may be incorrect on our database.




Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation – 30th November

No doubt you will all have noted the Annual Dinner date on my recent email message and the 30th November is now firmly booked in your diaries. For new members I should explain that this is the event of the year, where we all get together and have a great meal and then listen to the Chairman for a while as he hands out Club trophies and prizes. This latter item is of course the highlight of the evening although most members pray for it to be fairly short so that the drinking and socialising can continue. :wink:

This year we will be going to the Chesford Grange ( http://www.qhotels.co.uk/our-locations/chesford-grange/). The price of the meal to Club members will be a specially negotiated £23 each and members may bring one guest, also at that price. Members may bring additional guests (space permitting) at a price of £28.

The menu for the meal was attached to an email sent to all members on 1st October. If you haven’t received it please let me know.

All you have to do to book your place at this prestigious evening is to send your meal choices to me (mark up the menu is probably the easiest way to do that) along with a cheque for the appropriate amount (payable to Kenilworth Wheelers).

There will be a limit of about 60 places so get your booking in asap to make sure you don’t miss out. The bookings are coming in fairly steadily now and we are almost half full.  If you all get your bookings in soon enough we may be able to go for a larger room if necessary.  In any event we will need to confirm numbers by 16th November so you must book before then.

Lots more info to follow soon.  Keep your eye on the Forum and/or this Homepage.



Reliability Ride 15th September (see below)

KW reliability ride - poster 2013c

So where are we riding you may ask, especially if you didn’t ride it last year.

Well, the two routes are the same as last year and you can download a file to your  Garmin at the following addresses (gpsies.com tracking software):

Long route:  http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=htybrkpjooiowxlm&referrer=trackList

Short route:  http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=xye … =trackList

If you are not into Garmins don’t worry, organiser Tom Holland will be providing printed maps at the start in Barford village hall.


Don’t forget to keep an eye on Tom’s notes on the Forum for any last minute info.

Otherwise, weather permitting we expect to see you all there – the more the merrier and all proceeds go to Myton Hospice.

Sunday September 15th! Kenilworth Wheelers Reliability ride!

Entry is just £3 on the day with all profits to Myton Hospice.
Venue= Barford Memorial Hall, Church Street, Barford, Warwickshire.
Tea/coffee and cakes available before and after the ride.
Two routes; A 43 mile loop towards Ilmington (with 2343 ft of climbing) or an 80 mile route out around Stow (with 5171 ft of climbing)
members and Non- members welcome!! Join us on September 15, 2013 at 8am

Saturday Club Runs

We are hoping to resurrect the runs list for the Saturday crowd but we are still short of runs leaders.  Following yesterday’s Day Out with the Chairman, here is the list for the rest of July and August:

20th July:  Deddington (south of  Banbury);  Jim Bryant  (this is a longer ride to a new cafe, maybe 60 miles or so)

27th July:  Canons Ashby (new cafe);  Rob Cook

3rd August:  Dunnington (Hillers);  James Parsons

10th August:  Barby;  Dave Tarbun

17th August:  TBA

24th August:  Warmington (Herb Centre);  Glen Charman

31st August:  Chipping Campden;  Alistair Hill

7th September:  Oxhill (beginners’ ride);  ChairmanSteve

As you can see there are a few gaps waiting to be filled.  If you are thinking of coming on a club run on any of those days with vacancies, how about trying your hand at leading the ride.  It’s really not that difficult and we can give you lots of help with route-finding if you need it.  If we can complete the list soon we can then post it on the Club Runs page as usual.

Thank you



PS  As you can see, we only need to cover 17th August now (2nd August), thanks to a few new names appearing as runs leaders.  If you can do the 17th please put a post on the forum and/or email John Vallins who may be able to amend the list for the Club Runs page.