April 15 Track Session **UPDATE**

Riders required for the Newport track coaching session Sunday 15th April 2007

We are booked for a 3 hour session is between 9.00 and 12 noon

We require a minimum of 13 riders, we really need 20 riders to make it exciting!
That is 10 in each group, 20 minutes on for 10 riders, 29 minutes off, does get a little tiring,

But you can do it!

This day will be suitable for both novices and experienced riders.
You do not have to be race fit.
It is an experience and a learning curve rather than a training day.

If you would like to attend I will require the following information.

2.Bike hire required (this may be with toe clips and straps or with look pedals) please state
3.Distance from crank centre to top of saddle
4.Distance from tip of saddle to centre of bars
5.Do you have any previous track experience, yes or no will be sufficient!

The total fee for this exiting day out is £30.00,
You must take your own Look compatible shoes
You must take your own crash helmet
Travel to be arranged between those taking part



Phone on 01926 485167

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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