Beginners Bash

Now that the evenings are lighter and brighter (and warmer hopefully) the evening training sessions are starting. The fast (very!) Tuesday and Thursday sessions have started this week in fact.

The Beginners Bash on a Monday evening will start next Monday (7th April). This is a training ride for those who are fairly fit but not up to the Tuesday and Thursday sessions. More details on the Club Rides page.

The ride is fairly quick, so if you get dropped you have to find your own way home, but we expect most fit club riders to manage at least half the ride (say 8-10 miles). If you are new to this sort of a training ride it is a good chance to learn to ride in a fast moving group taking turns at the front. Of you would like to come along but are not a Kenilworth Wheelers member please get in touch with the Chairman (see Contact page).

For the first few weeks you will be riding home as it is getting dark (8.00 -8.15pm) so you will need lights fitting to your bike.

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