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Once again, a cyclist has been found guilty of taking drugs at world championship level (Davide Rebellin this time) and the reputation of all competitive cycling has plunged even further. It’s difficult to see how it can be stopped when there is so much money involved nowadays. However, one man is trying to do something about it.

Andy Layhe, ex member of  the Kenilworth Wheelers and ex cyclo cross star (he and his brother Chris represented GB at cyclo-cross world championships some years ago),  is asking all levels of cyclists to join in his growing campaign against drugs in cycling. Go to  his new website at to see what he has achieved in a very few months, and see the list of professionals who are supporting his promotion of drug free cycling.

I’m sure you will join me in wishing Andy and his colleagues success in their efforts  to persuade top cyclists to clean up their act.


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    Hi everyone, thanks for the mention on the site. Great memories riding for Kenilworth Wheelers. Thanks for the mention.

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