Bike Theft

Phil Muir had a bike stolen recently, from a relatively secure location. He has written a note explaining the situation which is reproduced below. If you do happen to spot a smart Bianchi in an unusual location please get in touch with Phil (his details are on our membership list).

“Up to the 25th October our bikes were stored in our detached garage where they were cabled together and locked to the roof structure with the pedestrian and up and over doors also locked. Sometime between Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th someone broke into the pedestrian door and removed the covers, broke the padlock (and took that away) and stole my full carbon Bianchi Sram Rival 928. They also replaced the covers so we didn’t notice so quickly and even sorted through my parts and junk and found an original stem which had temporarily been replaced by an alloy one (so they obviously knew what they were after).

Please carefuly consider where and how you leave your bikes and if you have any information please contact me.”


  1. says

    Sorry to hear about it Phil,

    Where do you live?

    Suggest you have a trawl through ebay to see if it turns up there.

    I’ll make sure the lads in the shop keep an eye out for it too.


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