Club Evening Training Rides

The evening training sessions are now well under way(details on the Club Runs page) with the luxury of light evenings.  Soon we may have the luxury of warm evenings as well, you never know.

These sessions are excellent for those who want to improve their fitness.  If you are new to group riding you must ride a few club runs before joining a fast evening group.  Then you should start with a Monday session as these are a little less quick and are suitable for those who are new to “chaingang” training (they are NOT suitable for beginners to club riding).

After that you can move on to Wednesday evenings before tackling the fastest rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

All of the evening  rides are quicker than a club run and you must have some experience of riding in a group before  tackling them.  The Mondays and Wednesdays are specifically for Kenilworth Wheelers members; you are welcome to go along as a guest but you will be expected to join the Club if you want to ride on a regular basis.

Contact ChairmanSteve if you want to know more.

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