Club Track Experience – Sunday 29th November

Due to a booking mix-up and the popularity of the track at Newport, the date for Lance’s trip has had to be changed to 29th November. All other information below remains the same and Lance’s note on the Forum remains valid as well.

National Track Champion Lance Ravenhill is organising a few trips to Newport Velodrome this Autumn/Winter. The first one is booked for Sunday 18th October from 3.00pm to 6.00pm. (There should be more sessions depending on interest from club members)

The session will be limited to 30 riders on a first come first served basis. If you would like to go (the sessions cater for track novices as well as more experienced trackies) please get in touch with Lance asap.

Lance has provided more details about what you need to do if you want to have a go at this exciting day out – click “more” to read all about it. He has also written a note on what the session will be like and you can see this on the Forum – well worth a read!

    Lance’s “what to do” notes:

This day will be suitable for both novices and experienced riders.

If you would like to attend I will require the following information.

1.Name and contact number

2.Bike hire required (this may be with toe clips and straps or with look pedals) please state

3.Distance from crank centre to top of saddle

4.Distance from tip of saddle to centre of bars

5.Do you have any previous track experience? Yes or no will be sufficient!

You must take your own Look compatible shoes old design!

You must take your own crash helmet

Travel to be arranged between those taking part

This session costs £30.00, which includes the bike hire fee, but the Club will be subsidising the event so that current Club members can attend for only £15.

I require all riders names by Sept 12th

E-mail any questions……. or through forum.

Cheques to the value of £15.00 (£30 if not a member) made out to Lance Ravenhill along with the required details in post to:

Lance Ravenhill
The Glade, Haseley. Nr Warwick, CV35 7LY
Tel …01926 485167

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