Club Track Session 15th March 2008

The Club is organising another day out at Newport Velodrome this year. The last three years have been very successful trips, so get your booking in to Lance as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. If we get a good level of interest, Lance will organise a second trip which we will set up as a Club Track Championship day – so come and get some track training on the first visit.

For the many new members of the Club, this day out gives you a chance to try out riding on a top class indoor track on specialised fixed-wheel bikes under the close supervision of the Senior Coach at Newport. The Newport Velodrome is a copy of the track at Manchester and is used as a racing and training venue by the top riders in the country. The British riders are set to win a sackload of medals at the Olympics this year so you will get to see a little bit of what they are going through.

The excitement of riding those bankings is hard to beat so come and give it a go.

For lots of details from Lance Ravenhill click on “more” below.

Newport Track Coaching Session 15th March 2008

I have contacted Newport track for a coached session similar to the ones that we have attended in the past three years.

We have booked a 3 hour session on Saturday 15th March from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. We require a minimum of 13 riders (probably 20 to make it a Kenilworth-only event) and the day will suit novices and experienced riders.

If you would like to attend, I will require the following information urgently.

2.Bike hire required (this may be with toe clips and straps or with look pedals) please state
3.Distance from crank centre to top of saddle
4.Distance from tip of saddle to centre of bars
5.Do you have any previous track experience, yes or no will be sufficient!

The total fee for this exciting day out is £30.00 (includes hire of track bike)

You must take your own Look compatible shoes or training shoes if using toeclips.
You must take your own crash helmet
Travel to be arranged between those taking part (any one got a bus?)

I will require the full remittance by the end of January please.

E-mail Lance Ravenhill at:
Phone on 01926 485167

I know that there will be some very disappointed people out there – don’t let it be you!

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