Mark Fothergill Charity Ride

In May last year Mark’s wife, Heather,  was diagnosed with breast cancer and she has been going through the usual tough treatment programme including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  Despite an amazingly stressful and tiring year for Mark and Heather (that most of us can’t begin to imagine),  Mark has actually been seen on his bike on the occasional clubrun,  and he even managed to get over to France last Autumn to ride the famous Mont Ventoux climb in Provence.

He has now decided to tackle the London to Paris (L2P) charity ride to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity.  The ride will take place this June  and take 4 days, the route for this particular trip being over 400 miles.

Mark’s sponsorship target is £1250. I’m sure you will all agree that his cause is well worth supporting and you will want to give something towards his total.  You can contact Mark directly on or you can sponsor him online by clicking on the link below:

You may also see Mark on a few clubruns between now and June,  so you have lot’s of chances to give him a donation.


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