New Club Jersey Design

Dear Club Members

At the Annual General Meeting in November, a discussion was held regarding the potential for changing the current design of Club Jersey.  A new design has now been prepared and is shown below along with a “lightened” version of the current design.

New racing / summer design


New general lightened design



As you can see, the new design is considerably whiter and brighter than the current scheme.  It is proposed that both schemes will be available to Club members; the new design will be the “registered” racing colours (generally more suitable for summer use)  and the old design (with some lighter panels as shown) will provide a more durable top for use in the winter months.

There will be a Club General Meeting at the end of January, to enable members to vote on the formal proposal to change the jersey design. The meeting will also propose a minimum time to be adopted for future designs.

Members are invited to propose alternative designs, or amendments to the above designs, for consideration at the meeting and such proposals should be forwarded to the Chairman as soon as possible. 


In addition there will be a vacancy for a Club Clothing Manager in the new year and members nominations are invited for this post, a formal vote to be held during the January meeting.

There is a thread in the forum for discussing the new proposed designs.

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