New Sunday Clubrun

As a result of the steadily increasing membership of the Wheelers, it has been decided that we should start a second clubrun on a Sunday (“B” Run). This second run is intended to cater for those members who would ride on a Saturday run and wish to ride on a Sunday, but would not want the pace or distance of a normal Sunday ride (“A” Run). It is therefore expected that the “B” Run will be at a similar pace and distance to a Saturday ride.

Please go along if you think this ride would suit you. The ride will meet at the usual place at Warwick Castle at 9.00am. We will move out shortly after the “A” Run, but do try to get there on time at 9.00 so that you don’t miss the “B” Run if it sets off promptly.

We will not be publishing tea stops at this stage, those who turn up can decide where to go on an ad hoc basis. If the ride gains sufficient support we can then start a tea room schedule.

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