Newport Track Day(s) 2011

Fancy a day of excitement and entertainment, riding at the Newport Velodrome? Well join the queue! It seems track racing is becoming hugely popular and Newport is booked up for months ahead!

There is a possibility that the Wheelers can join other sessions where there are spaces available. The earliest dates we could do this are in 2011:

Sunday 20th Feb (3pm till 6pm) – There are 10 spaces available.

Sunday 20th March (3pm till 6pm) – There are 15 spaces available

Our leading track organiser, Lance Ravenhill, will organise one (or both) of these days if enough Club members want to give it a go. The Club will subsidise the cost of the trip once again and members will be able to experience the fun of riding a big track for only £15. This is half the advertised price and includes hire of a track bike plus coaching. If you’ve not tried track riding before don’t worry, novices will be given their own coaching sessions and will soon be whizzing round the track.

Contact Lance urgently within the next two weeks (phone or email is fine) if you are interested – we need to book very soon if we want those dates.

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