Newport Track October 2008

The Club (actually it was Lance Ravenhill) organised this year’s second trip to the track in October and about 20 Wheelers gave it a go this time.

There were a good number of novices, many never having seen a track bike, a fixed wheel or a steep slippery wooden banking, so an entertaining time was had. John Caplin, the Newport Track coach, managed to coax members into becoming quite confident, or at least less scared, and I am sure that they will be better cyclists from having that experience. Learning to handle a bike at speed in a tricky environment without brakes can only be good for your cycling skills, and the nervous energy you burn off is an added bonus.

Everyone had a good day out and the track certainly gives you the chance of a work-out in the warm and dry. If only we had a track in Warwickshire.

Lance says the next trip will be aimed at mid March so watch out for details early next year. If you would like to see the results for the flying 200m test click on “more”.

Lance Ravenhill 13.31
James Webster 13.32
Chris Steel 13.66
Mac McReady 13.72
Simon Keel 14.11
Neil Goodridge 14.16
John Williams 14.20
Steve Hopkins 14.45
Steve Howes 14.54
Andy Wearing 14.85
Dave Callum 14.91
Will Hornsby 15.93
Steve Hesketh 16.02
Owen Upcott 16.02
Dixon Upcott 16.13
Dave Collins 16.32
Keri Hopkins 17.66
Charly Hesketh 17.74

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