Offensive Behaviour

The Club has recently received a letter of complaint from a member of the public and the relevant part of the letter is reproduced below:

“My partner and I were walking along the Emscote Road in Warwick this morning, when we were passed by a group of ‘Kenilworth Wheelers’. Shortly after passing us they had to stop at the traffic lights, where one of them decided to clear his throat and deposit the contents onto the
pavement right in our path.We were quite disgusted by this behaviour and felt it was not acceptable, and if this was something that he felt needed to be done he could at least have faced away from the pavement and been more aware of pedestrians.”

The Club agrees that the behaviour described is unacceptable and believes that most people would find it offensive. Club members should be mindful of how their actions are perceived by others and should show due consideration to other road users and members of the public.

As a member of the Kenilworth Wheelers you have a responsibility to act in a polite and considerate manner, particularly when you are wearing Club clothing and are thus representing the Club to the general public. Please take note of this incident and act accordingly.

This is the first complaint of such a nature that the Club has ever received – let’s make it the last.

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