Safer Riding No. 2 – Ride in Neat Lines

Quotes from the Club Guidelines:

“Ride in line with the pair of riders in front of you.  Avoid riding outside the line of the group”.

“Do not ride with your front wheel overlapping the rear wheel of the rider in front”.


Don’t drift away from the rider on your left, towards the centre of the road. This not only presents a very poor image to other road users, but if a vehicle approaches or overtakes the group you will tend to swerve back to the left, putting the riders behind you at risk.


Don’t overlap the wheel in front of you – it dramatically increases the risk of an accident.  If your front wheel touches the wheel in front of you, not only are you likely to fall but so will most of the riders behind you.


Don’t forget, your actions affect the safety of every other rider in the group.

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