Saturday Club Runs

We are hoping to resurrect the runs list for the Saturday crowd but we are still short of runs leaders.  Following yesterday’s Day Out with the Chairman, here is the list for the rest of July and August:

20th July:  Deddington (south of  Banbury);  Jim Bryant  (this is a longer ride to a new cafe, maybe 60 miles or so)

27th July:  Canons Ashby (new cafe);  Rob Cook

3rd August:  Dunnington (Hillers);  James Parsons

10th August:  Barby;  Dave Tarbun

17th August:  TBA

24th August:  Warmington (Herb Centre);  Glen Charman

31st August:  Chipping Campden;  Alistair Hill

7th September:  Oxhill (beginners’ ride);  ChairmanSteve

As you can see there are a few gaps waiting to be filled.  If you are thinking of coming on a club run on any of those days with vacancies, how about trying your hand at leading the ride.  It’s really not that difficult and we can give you lots of help with route-finding if you need it.  If we can complete the list soon we can then post it on the Club Runs page as usual.

Thank you



PS  As you can see, we only need to cover 17th August now (2nd August), thanks to a few new names appearing as runs leaders.  If you can do the 17th please put a post on the forum and/or email John Vallins who may be able to amend the list for the Club Runs page.


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