Thanks for the Dragon

Here is a thank you message sent to the Chairman while he was away on holiday (again!) :


I rode on the Dragon Ride last weekend, and spent a lot of time riding in a pack behind a group of Kenilworth Wheelers.  I picked them up just after the 1st food stop, and stayed until the 3rd food stop.  I was wearing blue Kingston Wheelers kit, riding the white bike.

I wanted to pass on what a pleasure I found to ride with them.  They kept a great pace (especially on the climbs), really looked out for each other and were considerate of the other riders.  I was really touched when they stopped to let a boy with his dog, and a man on crutches, use the pedestrian crossing in Treorchy, even when other riders were going up onto the pavement to get around us.

Unfortunately I didn’t speak much to them when I was cycling in the group, and didn’t have a chance to speak to them at the finish.  Could you please pass on my gratitude, as they helped make a great day for me?

Warm regards

Well done to the Team involved – this is the kind of  message the Chairman likes to receive and the kind of actions the Club likes to encourage.


  1. Ken Lambert says

    I have just taken up cycling as a retirement ‘hobby’ and was recommended to visit this website by Mike Vaughan’s Cycles. Any fears of joining a new organisation such as this have been dispelled by the positive feedback I have read by the Kingston Wheelers member. Give me chance to get a proper bike and I will be down to see you on a Friday or Saturday morning. Well done to your members.

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