Victoria Park – 26.4.08

Another great event – lots of help, good weather, good club results and only one crash ( two riders, both not too badly hurt, bikes damaged).

Our first rider of the day was ‘Charlie’ Hesketh in the U16 event. Charlie did really well in her first ever race, hanging onto the bunch for a long time then keeping with a smaller group – she seemed really pleased with the fact that her computer had registered 28.4mph, but wasn’t too pleased with her aching legs!

The 4ths races had Stephen Hopkins, Andy Webb, John Williams, Tom Blackmore, Dom. Harrison and Nick Bosworth taking part. In the first race Andy Webb took 2nd overall and two primes, John Williams took the other prime. In the second race they were definitely targeted riders, despite this Andy Webb finished 3rd overall and took all three primes!

In the 3rds races were new 3rd category rider Steve Allen, Neil Goodridge, Mac McGready, Lance Ravenhill and James Webster. Just to keep up the clubs clean sweep of primes James took the first and Steve Allen took the next two. Steve made a break from the bunch for about 10 laps, some good blocking by our riders failed to keep him away and with only a few laps to go Steve got swallowed up by the bunch.
The second race looked as if the clean sweep of primes would continue with Lance taking the first and James taking the second, a non club member got the third – oh well, it would have been a little embarrassing to win them all. There were no top three placings for our riders in either event.

The Under 12s races were full again, lots of styles of riding and bikes.

Overall the three events have been a great success, marred only by the theft of a bike at the second event.

Having good numbers of helpers meant that the marshalls could have a break, the park was set up well in advance of the races and everyone could do their job well – many thanks to everyone who helped over the three events (too many names to list).

The main team of organisers will be having a meeting about the races in the next couple of weeks, if any club member has any ideas, suggestions or comments, for discussion at the meeting, please email them to Val

Found property
Found at start/finish area, girls Next grey coat with pink fleece inner age 3-4.

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