Victoria Park 29 March, 12 and 26 April

Just less than a week to go now. Chief Organiser Val Ravenhill has provided an updated progress report – click “more” to read the latest situation.

The number of helpers has improved but more are still needed.
Please get in touch with Val urgently if you can help on any of the above dates.


Victoria Park 2008

Progress Report 23-03-08

With less than a week to go, this is the last update before the first of the Victoria Park Races.
We are still short of helpers, if you are thinking of coming to watch please consider helping or if you wish to help but haven’t let Val know please do so as soon as possible. Nobody is on their own doing a job, you will have company and help.

Steve Hesketh has now delivered over 150 letters to residents notifying them of the events. On Tuesday he will visit the park again and hopefully find that the Council have repaired some areas of the tarmac. Steve will check out the pavilion and talk with the Head of Amenities.
Steve and his helpers will have the earliest start on Saturday – 7am. Remember the park also has to be tidied up at the end of racing – if you can’t make it early morning try to be there at lunchtime.

Sue Palmer will be busy shopping this week and Friday night will be the night for making up over 70 rolls to sell on the day. Luckily we seem to have enough helpers serving tea and cakes on the day but more donations of home-made cakes would be greatly appreciated.

Ken Gregor will be setting up the signing on area with Mary early on Saturday, once again we have enough helpers but an extra person may be useful. Signing on is the first point of contact with the ‘races’, lots of questions are asked and is extremely busy between 8am and 10am.

Tim Greenway desperately needs more judges, especially for events 2 & 3. If you have the time, please volunteer. The riders have to be placed down to 10th place so the more people watching and writing down the finishing order the better.

Val Ravenhill has now dealt with over 100 entries for the 29th – not all straight forward. Lots of telephone and email questions have been answered. The race programme, prize list and start sheets will be emailed or posted to all riders this week.
Entries so far for 29th March.
3rd Cat – Full field – 40 riders with excess entries returned.
4th Cat – 30 riders, less than last year.
U16 – 20 entries, very low but another event in Wales taking riders away. Numbers already much higher for events 2 & 3.
U12 – 16 riders pre entered but more will enter on the day, hopefully the full 40.

This year we have changed the entry procedure and it seems that this may have reduced the entries, the numbers hopefully will increase in all categories in events 2 & 3 when the riders realise (although all details have been published for months!).

Club member Chris Steele is once again sponsoring the event with vouchers for the riders for his shop Coventry Cycle Centre. There will be a Coventry Cycle Centre stand near the start/finish area.


  1. rider says

    BC have only put up the results for one of the third cat races – is it possible to post the full set on veloriders or somewhere or else bring them along to race 2 and display them tomorrow ? Thanks

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