Victoria Park Races 29 March, 12 and 26 April

Only two weeks to go to the first races of 2008 and things are hotting up. Entries are going well with close to full fields in some of the races.
However, as usual we are in need of more helpers. I know you are all planning to help but Val Ravenhill hasn’t heard from many of you yet; please get in touch with Val this week as time is now pressing.
If you are new to the Club and haven’t seen the races before you’ll find it’s a great day out that even non-cyclists can enjoy.
Val has done a summary of how things are going – click more to read all about it.


Victoria Park 2008

The following is to let all club members know how Victoria Park Races 2008 are progressing.

Organisation – The team of organisers have been working hard and giving a lot of thought and time on their specific tasks. A few members have offered their help at the events.
Steve Hesketh = Park Set up. Steve has visited Victoria Park and met up with Warwick DC officials to get the areas of concern on the circuit repaired. Flags and warning notices are prepared.
He still has to notify the residents of the Victoria Park area of the events (100+ addresses) and keep in touch with the Council.
Steve needs more helpers for setting up the park on each date.
Sue Palmer = Teas. Most of Sues work happens a few days before the event, buying in food and drink, preparing food for the day and then setting up and serving on the day.
Sue needs more help for setting up and serving teas on each date.
Tim Greenway = Judges. As we are not having finishing cameras Tim has been putting together some ideas of collecting the most accurate results, he has also been working on plans how to gauge lapped riders in the U12 events.
Tim needs more helpers for judging the finishes and primes on each date.
Ken Gregor = Signing On. Ken will be setting up the signing on area, signing on riders, checking licences and handing out numbers at each event.
Ken only has one helper at the moment and would like more.
Val Ravenhill = Organiser. Val has done all the paperwork for the event. Getting permits and insurance to run the event, organising first aid cover, answering lots of questions from potential riders, keeping in contact with the Commissaires and accepting potentially 160 entries per date from riders. All entries have to be checked and names added to signing on sheets. After each event levies and finances have to be sorted.
Dave Callan/Neil Goodridge. Dave and Neil are sorting out a platform for the judges to stand on for a better view of the riders.

What are you doing?

Thank you to those that have volunteered
22 of a potential 100, club members have volunteered to help.
There are many more jobs to be filled over the 3 dates.

Riders. As previously circulated, paid up club members will get free entry to the races but must contribute someway in helping or provide a helper. All riders must enter on the BC Entry Form before the closing date. There is no entry on the day.

Val Ravenhill
Chief Organsier

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