Victoria Park Races 2011

Bad news for fans of the racing in Victoria Park, Leamington Spa.

Severn Trent Water are carrying out major sewerage works across the Park, providing a new larger sewer in the Park as part of their improvement plans for Leamington Spa. The work will not be completed in time for us to organise the races, so

    unfortunately there will be no races in the Park this year.

The Wheelers have been running these events for approximately 30 years without a break so this year will spoil that run. Naturally we are disappointed but hopefully we can resurrect the races in 2012.


  1. says

    Sorry to see the temporary stop to the Victoria Park races which I brought on board for the wheelers – was it really 30 yrs ago!

    Hope that when you bring the races back in 2012 you will have Youth races again. Count on my support if you do Regards Tony Butler

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