Victoria Park Races – 24th March and 14th April

A reminder to all Club members that the Victoria Park circuit races will soon be with us, with the first event scheduled to take part on Saturday the 24th of March – only three weeks to go!  This is the Club’s most prestigious event of the year and is hugely popular with local racers.  The racing takes place around the tarmac track in Victoria Park, Leamington Spa and is fast and exciting stuff to watch.

Racing members

 Please take note that places are beginning to fill up for both the 3rd and 4th Category races.  Chief Organiser Steve Hesketh says he has had no entries from Club members so far.  To avoid disappointment please get your entry in asap.   This year we have on line entry via the British Cycling website so it’s even easier for you to enter.  There will be no entries accepted on the day.

Volunteers and Helpers

There will not be a  Saturday club run on either race day and, all Club members are expected to give some of their time to help run the event. We need your help to fill the following volunteer roles:

  • Park set-up early each morning
  •  Signing On (basically issuing race numbers to the riders)
  •  Marshals (the three park gates need marshalls to warn members of the public about the racing)
  •  Judges (back-up judging only, in case of any problems with the finish cameras)
  •  Lap Counting (changing the lap board so that riders know how far there is to go)
  •  Serving Food and Tea (a warm dry job in the pavilion)


Don’t forget you will not be on a club run, so contact Steve Hesketh now and let him know which day you can help with (even if you can only do a couple of hours it all helps).  If we get enough helpers you’ll all get time to watch some racing as well.   You can contact Steve directly or through the Victoria Park thread on the Forum.

This is your chance to help promote your Club,  watch some exciting racing, and even have lots of tea and cakes (just like a club run then).

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