Weekly club runs

Latest summary list of weekly club runs.  Evening rides are a fixed route – lights now required!.  Keep an eye on the Facebook group for ride updates.

Start Time | Info | Average Speed | Distance | Ride Type | Meeting Point

18:45 | Steady recovery ride | 18mph | 30 miles | Group Ride | Leek Wootten
19:00 | Steady – summer ride only | 21mph | 20 miles | Chaingang | Comptons Garage forecourt Cubbington
09:30* | Steady | 15/16mph | 50 miles | Group Ride with Cafe Stop | Castle Gates
18:45 | Varied | 22+mph | 30 miles | Chaingang**  | Comptons Garage forecourt Cubbington
09:30* | Steady | 15/16mph | 50 miles | Group Ride with Cafe Stop | Castle Gates
All from Warwick Castle Gates, all norm group rides
07:30 | Brisk  | 18/19mph | 35 miles | Cafe stop at end – optional further loop is added after cafe stop typically Monday route – you can join this from the cafe at 09:45-10am
09:00 | Steady | 50 miles | Cafe stop
All from Warwick Castle Gates, all norm group rides
08:30 | Hard | 18/19mph | 3 hours | Cafe stop at end
09:00 | Steady | 50/60 miles | Cafe stop
*Start times for these midweek rides may be modified to suit inclement weather – updates on Facebook Members Group
**During Winter this is a norm group ride and average speed drops to approx 18/19mph


  1. Jill Finney says

    I would be interested in joining you on Thursday 20th October for the ride to Chipping Norton, Am I able to try this before joining and can you please confirm meeting point is the main gates to Warwick castle ? Many thanks Jill

  2. Neil Davis says

    Hi Jill – I can confirm – If the weather is good, we’ll be starting at 9.30, destination is variable, but about 45/50 miles. More than welcome to come along and try a ride before joining.

  3. Mike Massey says

    Hello, can you please tell me the average speed for your Thursday morning rides – the website says it’s for level 1&2 riders which have speeds from 14 to 17 mph. If it 14 mph I might manage, if it’s much more I’d struggle.
    Thanks Mike

  4. Neil Davis says

    Mike – best thing would be to come along to the beginners ride (first Sat of each month – next one would be 5th November). This ride is 14-15 average and the best place to start riding with the KW.

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