Wheelers team tackle Cat ‘n’ Fiddle Sportive

A successful trip to the Peak District by a few hardy souls from the Wheelers for the annual Cat ‘n’ Fiddle Sportive (Sun 5th Oct). The starters were Steve Hopkins, Debbie C, Roland Smythe, John McQuire, Dominic H, Dennis W and BMW Dave, who all completed it from start to finish as a single, well formed, badly fit, fully kitted out team (bar Roland who missed the Cat ‘n’ Fiddle cafe stop and finished the route while the rest were on their top up of coffees) . The route took the group from Stoke , north to Macclesfield, the long 7 mile climb to the Cat ‘n’ Piddle, then Buxton and south back to Stoke. The event was made more memorable by the accompaniment of ex-Pro Sean Kelly and Premier Rider Malcolm Elliot (and their hangers-on ) for most of the route.

Good team effort by all. 55ml completed in 3hrs 20. A gentler alternative to the previous year’s Autumn Epic.”

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